Campaign buckets

This section illustrates how Tenjin handles campaign buckets when you use other 3rd party attribution providers.


Tenjin receives two campaigns from an ad-network, and 3rd party attribution provider. Usually, those campaigns differ in terms of campaign structure, or name. However, it is important to tie those campaigns together on Tenjin, otherwise you won’t see the correct ROI per campaign. For example, if you run only 1 campaign but you name differently in ad-network and 3rd attribution. You will get the data below on Tenjin. These two campaigns are in fact “identical”, but Tenjin won’t know it unless we bucket those two campaigns.

Campaign reported_installs tracked_installs spend LTV
US - WordSearch 10 $100
WordSearch - US 12 $10

(After campaign buckets)

Campaign reported_installs tracked_installs spend LTV
US - WordSearch 10 12 $100 $10


  1. We pull a list of campaigns from ad-network API and create those campaigns automatically on Tenjin.
  2. We receive real-time callbacks from 3rd party attribution and create a network as a custom channel, and campaigns under the channel automatically. Regarding how to set up a real-time callback, please refer here.
  3. On channels page you will see custom channels as below. This channel name is from 3rd party attribution, so it could be any name you choose on their dashboard. Then Tenjin needs to merge those custom channels into the proper channels you initially created on Tenjin dashboard.

  4. Once channels are merged, we also need to bucket campaigns as described above. Currently, this is only done by Tenjin admin.

How long does it take to set everything up?

This depends on the number of campaigns you are currently running. Once all campaigns are bucketed, DataVault will be updated in 3 hours. The dashboard will be updated only after the weekend data refresh.

Networks which don’t require campaign buckets

Some networks have a definite campaign structure, so campaign buckets happen automatically. This is a list of networks which don’t require campaign buckets manually.

  • Adjust
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Yahoo
    • Snapchat
    • Apple Search
    • Google UAC
    • Chartboost
  • AppsFlyer
    • Facebook
    • Apple Search
    • Snapchat

Tenjin campaign ID

If you don’t want us to handle campaign buckets manually, here is the process.

  1. Add channels on Tenjin dashboad at first. Then we will pull a list of campaigns you are currently running with your attribution provider.

  2. For each campaign tracking URL, you generate in your attribution service, add that attribution service’s custom parameter(list below) to the tracking URL with the value of that campaign’s tenjin_campaign_id. You can find your campaign’s tenjin_campaign_id in the dashboard under the Campaigns tab for that campaign.

    Here is the list of custom parameters. Some attribution providers have multiple parameters, so you can pick one of them.

    • Adjust
      • label
    • AppsFlyer
      • af_sub1, af_sub2, af_sub3, af_sub4, af_sub5
    • TUNE
      • publisher_sub1, publisher_sub2, publisher_sub3, publisher_sub4, publisher_sub5
    • Kochava
      • kc_sub
    • Apsalar/Singular
      • ap_sub

    For example, if your adjust tracking link is this, and your Tenjin camapign ID for a campaign is djlCLxU69D41CI4WIu4Ghq,{CAMPAIGN_NAME}&adgroup={APP_ID}&creative={AD_NAME}&idfa={IDFA}&country={CC}&gps_adid={IDFA}&device_type={DEVICE_TYPE}&tracker_limit=100000&applovin_click_id={DID}&android_id_lower_sha1={HADID}

    Updated tracking url is below:{CAMPAIGN_NAME}&adgroup={APP_ID}&creative={AD_NAME}&idfa={IDFA}&country={CC}&gps_adid={IDFA}&device_type={DEVICE_TYPE}&tracker_limit=100000&applovin_click_id={DID}&android_id_lower_sha1={HADID}&label=djlCLxU69D41CI4WIu4Ghq

  3. Set up real-time callbacks on 3rd party attribution dashboard as described in here.

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